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Gema's Testimony About Turning Webinar into Video Course

Adrian Martinez Commented on my Facebook Feed:

Great work, Jill Webinars can be so “dry” and “sluggish”.

I think the time you put into finding the “nuggets” and condensing a webinar into a smaller, more compelling video with slides could be a very good offer to a company.

Great background music, too and I like the local photo at the end.

(This is in reference to the video above –  “Webinars Broken into Lessons” – that is demonstrating how I took a dull webinar, added visuals and divided it into sections making a course). 

Do you know that a course can play a huge role in your business?

People are always searching the internet to learn about how to start a new career or hobby, or solve a problem with their current projects. 

These folk are often ready and willing to pay for more in depth information on the subject they are searching for.

If your website is well ranked, they will come across what they are looking for on your site. However, what if instead of some short videos, they see a webinar replay! Sometimes that may work, but very often the reaction may be: “I just don’t have time to watch a 1 hour (or longer) webinar!”

What if you could off a better solution?

What if, instead of a long webinar replay, your potential clients find a short video giving them some tips to help them solve their problem (Step 1). This is followed by the opportunity to learn how to apply the tips presented in Video 1. (This is step 2 of your funnel, which contains more videos that are actually based on the teaching originally presented in your original webinar). Do you think that your conversion rate would be higher?

You charge a small amount for these “Step 2” videos – and now your visitor is on a buyer’s list. This gives you the opportunity to build a relationship and over a series of emails you can build a relationship and trust with your followers.

This means you can, over time, offer them the high end product that your webinar was originally leading to – an excellent way to re-purpose your webinar.

Basic Video Creation Prices: 

30 second videos $150


60 seconds $250

(You provide audio)

Longer Videos: 

5 mins $500

Beyond 5 mins: $75 per min after 5 mins.

 (No Audio? Contact me for info).

Other Visual Creation Services:

MMC's Mission

Mobile Marketing Champs was founded with a three-fold purpose:

To help you to market to this Mobile World. I will do that by providing you with tips, tutorials and statistics on this website that will help you to stay up with the trends and grow your business. 

I also offer Video Creation Services that will help you attract potential clients to your social media and your website. (See our page webinars and videos)

My Why:

To support young entrepreneurs in Mexico and help them grow their businesses so they can support the work of their local churches and communities. 

To support the local churches in Mexico where I spent 25 years serving. This support will include my visiting them several times a year to continue teaching as well as continuing to publish teaching materials for them.

(I have children’s booklets that need to be published on Kindle See series below)

Now it is time to build a legacy to leave behind when I leave this earth. 

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Every day it becomes more and more important that we, as business owners, are focusing on the Mobile World.

People are using their phones as mini computers (myself included). Let’s take advantage of this new trend!

Are you Marketing to the Mobile World?