Marketing in a Mobile World

Personalized Video Services for your business:

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Rectangle Video Format Works Well on YouTube & Facebook

I will take your audio file (or podcast) and turn it into a video.

IG, Facebook and Pinterest Promo Videos & Image

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Use Videos in Your Business for Connecting with Present & Future Clients, Teaching, Advertising, Marketing & More

Video Services Available for Your Business

Your brand colors, your story, your choice of music, your choice of video style that highlights your brand. 

I am here to serve you and your business.

See below for Ballpark pricing (variables can include voice-overs, storyboard help etc).

Contact Information: click here to email me,  text or whatsapp.

(Also see Images here, Hand-drawn Sketches here)

The Square Video Format Works Well on Instagram & Facebook

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Below: Simple Videos that Introduce a Free Tutorial

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Ideas for your business videos:

Frequently asked questions – what do your clients or customers ask?

What are the benefits your potential clients or customers would experience or receive from your service or products?

What makes your business stand out? (Why should they choose you above your competition?) 

Webinars Broken into Lessons

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Audio Conversation Discussing these Lessons

Testimonial from Gema

Condensing a long awkward webinar

Original Email Testimonial

Gema's Testimony About Turning Webinar into Video Course

Gema Continued

Finding the Nuggets in a long video

Other Visual Creation Services:

MMC's Mission

Mobile Marketing Champs was founded with a three-fold purpose:

To help you to navigate this Mobile World and take advantage of all that it offers to grow your business. You will find tips, tutorials and statistics on this website that will help you in your business (check out the Blog on this site). 

I also offer visual creation services (videos, infograms, photos, sketchnotes) that will help you attract potential clients to your social media and your website.

 To support young entrepreneurs in Mexico and help them grow their businesses so they can support the work of their local churches and communities.  

I plan on teaching them to create visuals for the Mobile World and to keep up with the trends and strategies that are working today. 

To support the local churches in Mexico where I spent 25 years serving. This support will include my visiting these churches several times a year to continue teaching as well as continuing to publish teaching materials for them.

(I have children’s booklets that need to be published on Kindle)

Now it is time to build a legacy to leave behind when I leave this earth.

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Every day it becomes more and more important that we, as business owners, are focusing on the Mobile World.

People are using their phones as mini computers (myself included). Let’s take advantage of this new trend!

Are you Marketing to the Mobile World?