Marketing in a Mobile World

Personalized Video Services for your business:

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Rectangle Video Format Works Well on YouTube & Facebook

I will take your audio file (podcast) and turn it into a video.

Statistics show us that today more people prefer to learn from a video rather than from reading text. 

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This could mean that your potential (and present) customers are likely to get more value from a video you create, than from an article you write. In fact, they are more likely to watch a video than to read text. 

Why? Our brains are wired to respond to movement and sound. 

These two things were the major communication channels of early primitive man. Back then they were also survival mechanisms.

It is true, our brains have changed over the multitudes of years, but some things we have not lost – and this is one of them.

You and I  still respond to movement and sound. 

Just watch a child when he is given a toy that makes a noise or moves – or both! 

Even leaves rustling and falling in the wind provoke a child’s reaction.

What do children do with noise and movement? They respond with a smile or laugh. They grab the toy to inspect it. Right?  It is fun. It is something to explore and learn from.

Then a few short years later most of us were thrown into a crowded classroom with lots of paper, pencils and books.

What happened? Did we learn? Well, sort of! Today this textbook trend is slowly changing, and our marketing strategies are changing too as we step into a new season

What is this new season? It is a VISUAL season – videos and images reign!

Another trend is emerging also. 

It relates to the style of videos that are in demand:

Reports are coming back from many folk that they often prefer to watch videos on Social Media with the sound turned down.  (This is coming from Facebook and Instagram users, not so much YouTube – YET

Just yesterday I heard Vanessa Lau comment that she has been asked by many of her followers to “please add text to her Instagram Story Videos”. 

This way they could watch them on their cellphones some of which do not always have good sound. (Check out Vanessa Lau on YouTube – she always has something valuable to teach – especially about selling on Instagram). 

This trend towards video is emerging fast! In fact statistics are showing that MORE people are watching videos than TV today!

Have you joined the “video movement”? Many of your clients and customers most likely have!

If you need help with joining this video trend, I am here to serve you! 

Contact me via email at 

or by text, phone or whatsapp – 210-381-9239.

Use Videos in Your Business for Connecting with Present & Future Clients, Teaching, Advertising, Marketing & More

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IG, Facebook and Pinterest Promo Videos & Image

Video Services Available for Your Business

Your brand colors, your story, your choice of music, your choice of video style that highlights your brand. 

I am here to serve you and your business.

See below for Ballpark pricing (variables can include voice-overs, storyboard help etc).

Contact Information: click here to email me,  text or whatsapp.

(Also see Images here, Hand-drawn Sketches here)

Basic Pricing : 

Videos: 30  seconds $50

            1 min:           $100

            5 min:          $400

            Longer         $ 75 min after first 5 mins

Your choice of Music Included.

 Voice over – extra 

Webinars Broken Down into Video Courses:

Videos: 30 min    $1,000

              60 min     $1700

              90 min     $2500

Your choice of music style included.

Voice over – extra.

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Below: Simple Videos that Introduce a Free Tutorial

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Ideas for your business videos:

Frequently asked questions – what do your clients or customers ask?

What are the benefits your potential clients or customers would experience or receive from your service or products?

What makes your business stand out? (Why should they choose you above your competition?) 

The Square Video Format Works Well on Instagram & Facebook

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MMC's Mission

Mobile Marketing Champs was Founded with a three-fold purpose

To help you to market to this Mobile World. I will do that by providing you with tips, tutorials and statistics on this website that will help you to stay up with the trends and grow your business. 

I also offer Video Creation Services that will help you attract potential clients to your social media and your website. (See our page webinars and videos)

My Why:

To support young entrepreneurs in Mexico and help them grow their businesses so they can support the work of their local churches and communities. 

To support the local churches in Mexico where I spent 25 years serving. This support will include my visiting them several times a year to continue teaching as well as continuing to publish teaching materials for them.

(I have children’s booklets that need to be published on Kindle See series below)

Now it is time to build a legacy to leave behind when I leave this earth. 

Templos Vivientes Series
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Every day it becomes more and more important that we, as business owners, are focusing on the Mobile World.

People are using their phones as mini computers (myself included). Let’s take advantage of this new trend!

Are you Marketing to the Mobile World?