Marketing in a Mobile World

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Hello and Welcome to Mobile Marketing Champs (Nicknamed: "Mobichamps")

Jill Rapley

Our nickname allows you to find us without having to type so many letters into your browser 🙂.

My name is Jill Rapley and I am here to serve you in this Mobile World. 

The nickname, mobichamps, allows you to find us without having to type so many letters into your browser 🙂. (Just type in and you will be redirected).

My name is Jill Rapley and I am here to serve you in this Mobile World. 

I have question for you today – actually 2 questions 🙂

Are you Marketing to the Mobile World? 

and do you know that

The Mobile World is a Visual World?

I am sure that when you are using your mobile device you do prefer to watch videos, look at images (on instagram and pinterest for example), rather than read text right?

Yes, some folks do read books on their phones, but images and videos are viewed more often than text on mobile devices. (I am one of those folks).

Do you know that:

Statistics are now telling us that more videos are watched on Mobile Devices than on Desktop Computers!

So if your business is here online (and it needs to be), the big question is:

Is your online presence mobile friendly? 

What does “mobile friendly” mean? It means that your website and all your social media presentations will be full of visuals (videos, images, sketches etc.).

Why? Remember: The Mobile World is a Visual World!

You may be thinking: “but creating images, videos, infographics, sketchnotes, memes etc takes time. I just don’t have enough time to do everything!” This is why Mobile Marketing Champs was born.

My mission is to serve you with the creating of personalized visuals for your business. (Videos, images, visualized presentations for webinars, tutorials, courses etc).

I invite you to explore this site to learn more about:

Mobile Marketing

My Services

Who is Jill Rapley (A Sketchnote of my Journey)

(Click on the above links to see more about my services – and also a little of my life’s journey – so far 🙂)

Once again – Welcome to

Mobile Marketing Champs

and I look forward to serving you.

Have a wonderful day!    Jill

Video Brings Together 2 Things
Video Brings Together Noise and Movement


Capture your client's attention with different styles of images.
Images help us to comprehend what we are learning so much easier than text. Click on the Image Icon to see samples.


The sketchnote culture is changing the way we learn and remember.
Handrawn sketches can be used in presentations. Click on Image Icon above to see more

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MMC's Mission

Mobile Marketing Champs was founded with a three-fold purpose:

To help you to market to this Mobile World. I will do that by providing you with tips, tutorials and statistics on this website that will help you to stay up with the trends and grow your business. 

I also offer Video Creation Services that will help you attract potential clients to your social media and your website. (See our page webinars and videos)

My Why:

To support young entrepreneurs in Mexico and help them grow their businesses so they can support the work of their local churches and communities. 

To support the local churches in Mexico where I spent 25 years serving. This support will include my visiting them several times a year to continue teaching as well as continuing to publish teaching materials for them.

(I have children’s booklets that need to be published on Kindle See series below)

Now it is time to build a legacy to leave behind when I leave this earth. 

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Every day it becomes more and more important that we, as business owners, are focusing on the Mobile World with our marketing strategies.

People are using their phones as mini computers (myself included). Let’s take advantage of this new trend!

Are you Marketing to the Mobile World?